Le Mont Saint-Michel, unique, flamboyant and magical ...


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Touristic ? You said touristic ?

Le Mont-Saint-Michel, site le plus visité en Normandie
Mont Saint-Michel is a commune in the department of Manche in Normandy region that takes its name from a rocky island dedicated to St. Michael, where is erected today the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel. 

In 2014, the Mont-Saint-Michel is the most visited tourist monument of Normandy and the second in France (after the Arc de Triomphe) with more than 1.24 million visitors. A statue of St. Michael the church's summit is 170 meters. The town of Mount and the bay listed since 1979 on the UNESCO list of World Heritage. In 2012, the municipality had privileged 41, called the Montois. 

The granite rocky island east of the mouth of the river Couesnon. The island is a granitic outgrowth of about 960 meters in circumference, which rises above a sandy plain to 92 meters. The essential part of the rock is covered by the footprint of the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel and its domain. 

Already since the 19th century, authors and Romantic painters came to the Mount, for its unique charm and its picturesque qualities, such as Guy de Maupassant. At the end of the century, several hotels settled in Mont. 
If you're agoraphobic, avoid the summer puiqu'il can be up to 20,000 visitors a day. 

Since July 22, 2014, visitors flock to Mount by new access structures, created to preserve the natural environment. A new dam and a bridge that lets water now serve the island.

The ancient "fight" with normands and bretons...

Le Mont-Saint-Michel, breton ou normand ?
If you are not native to the area, know that it is wise to avoid conversations with nearby residents regarding the geographical and historical belonging Mont.Especially with Brittany ... You will understand by reading this course historical summary ... 

Mount was attached from the time of Charlemagne in the diocese of Avranches in Neustria. 
In 867, the Treaty of Compiegne attributed the Cotentin and the Avranchin, the king of Britain. The Avranchin, as the Cotentin therefore did not form part of the Norman territory. 
In 933, William of Normandy recovered 1 Avranchin: the border was then fixed temporarily to the Sélune, coastal river that flowed east of Mount. 
It was only in 1009 that the southern border of Normandy was moved to the Couesnon. 
In 1014, the Duke of Normandy Richard II moved the border with Brittany Sélune the Couesnon. Mont Saint-Michel is again marked the Norman seal. 

Added to these tumultuous events of history, the famous legend of the Couesnon (river North-East of Britain) whose very irregular course at the time would be to lead the West Mount (coherent hypothesis and likely according to many surveyors but no text no evidence that he swung from one side to the other)! 
The old local saying that "the Couesnon in her madness put the Mount in Normandy", some Britons readily add that "the Couesnon, in reason, to make the Bretons." 

Nevertheless, the writings clearly indicate Mont permanent membership in the sphere of influence of the Norman church, separate from the Breton church, which makes the issue of secondary rather exact geographical location.

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Where is Mont Saint-Michel ?

Mont Saint-Michel is well in Normandie, in the department of Manche, no offense to our Breton friends ... We sympathize with their pain ... 
From Paris
- A11 towards Chartres-Le Mans-Laval then output to Ferns and towards Le Mont Saint-Michel 
- A13 towards Rouen and Caen and A84 towards Mont Saint-Michel