The cliffs of black cows (Vaches noires), Villers sur mer

Sublime site between Villers sur mer and Houlgate

Les falaises des vaches noires à Villers sur mer

The cliffs of black cows, high over 100 meters, extending over 5 kilometers from Villers-sur-Mer and Houlgate, mainly on Auberville and common Gonneville-sur-Mer. Their appearance is unique on the French coast. 

The "Black Cows" were named so by sinners. At sea, there are large blocks of crumbling rocks at the foot of cliffs that might suggest (after a few cafes calvados...) with silhouettes of cattle. 

By decree of 20 February 1995, the cliffs of black cows were classified by the Ministry of the Environment "natural area of ecological interest, flora and fauna." 

Find your inner child, looking for fossils at the bottom of the cliffs. 

The beach cliffs is ideal in high season if you want to avoid the mass tourism of the other beaches. Only lovers of long walks and fossil hunters venture there. You will find calm and without dogs or noise. One catch though, in summer, it is difficult to park, as well as in Houlgate Villers.

Claude Lelouch

Claude Lelouch spent his first holiday in Villers-sur-Mer. "At 13, I fell in love with a girl who was on holiday in Normandy. I was eight kilometers on foot every day to find her. " 
With the success of the film "A man and a woman," he offered the mansion of her dreams, very bright, decorated like a ship's cabin, and the limits of Auberville Villers-sur-Mer. The tower of the mansion, where the filmmaker retires to write, was named the Victor Hugo turn by his friends. 
"I love the ever-changing climate, always unexpected, this Normandy coast ... I who tend to get bored quickly, Normandy never manages to get tired: its unique light, the countrymen landscapes of the Auge and the sea that merges with the sky, all that soothes me, calms me ... This is the place that heals and cures all, an absolute balm ... " Claude Lelouch

Where are the "Vaches Noires", how to access it ?

Three ways to access the site, the three require good physical condition and especially a good ability to walk. 
Warning ! Before going on the site, learn about the tides schedules to not get stuck at the foot of cliffs at high tide; Indeed, if the coefficient is strong, you could find yourself stuck between cliffs ... No danger, but if the weather is not good, things can get painful ... 
If you have children, forget the access from Auberville, the course in the cliffs and vegetation is not easy. Avoid also if over the previous days. 
The easiest solution: from Villers, take direction from West to sailing school, the dike leads directly on the cliffs. 
Sportier, since Houlgate, by the beach, walk about 1.5 kilometers to the east

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