Trouville sur mer, authentic and refined

Trouville and its subtle charms

Vierville sur mer dans le Calvados en Normandie
Trouville-sur-Mer knows rightly a great success since the 19th century. The eclectic building styles make Trouville a lovely place to stroll and admire the many atypical batisses. 
Its beautiful beach of Trouville and the sea bathing experience their first success in the Second Empire, and annually attracts a crowd of tourists and denominates artistes.On then "Queen of Beaches". 
The range is 1200 meters. Walk the boardwalk "Savignac" (built in 1867), along the beach on a length of 925 meters and encouraged to walk. 

The villas by the sea 
One can admire a succession of villas on the beach in Trouville. All were built between 1860 and 1880. However, all are different styles from neo-Norman through the neo-classical, neo-Louis XIII, neo-Italian, to the neo-Moorish and neo-Persian. The nineteenth century was the era of architectural eclecticism. 

The most famous villas Trouville:
  • Villa Sidonia or villa Honoré: one of the few not to be morcellée into several dwellings.
  • Villa Montebello became the town museum in 1972. It is typical of seaside villas of the second empire.
  • Tour Malakoff: A most unusual.
  • Villa des Flots beach located at the end of the Eiffel family lived there.
An architectural feature of the city to see: 
there are just over 2 km of alleys and passages, notament Toutain Bachelet and dead ends, the Desseaux streets, William the Conqueror, Berthier and Ecores. They are short and meandering. The houses are narrow, built of brick and 3 or 4 levels.ux.

Trouville sports and entertainment 

  • Club for children and teenagers Beach 
  • Club Nautique de Trouville Hennequeville 
  • Surf School 
  • Sea kayak 
  • Mini-golf and marine pony ride 
  • pools 
  • Tennis 
  • Boat trips

 Thalasso and spa in Calvados

Festival Off Courts de Trouville
Come and relax in the quiet 5 centers of Thalassotherapy of Calvados. In Deauville, Trouville, Cabourg, Ouistreham or Luc sur mer. Relaxation and well being are in the program, with sea views. Facial care, body treatments, Hammam and Japanese baths are available. Weekdays or at weekends.

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