Franceville, a peaceful resort and protected

Ouistreham dans le Calvados
A seaside resort appreciated discretion

First station of the renowned Côte Fleurie, Merville-Franceville retains the soul of a village that lives at its own pace while offering its residents and vacationers essential shops and services. 6 km from Cabourg, Merville-Franceville is ideally situated away from the din and the summer crowds and close to Caen and Ouistreham. She plays the difference to its neighboring coastline: its environment is actually preserved, large soothing spaces alternating dunes, pine forests and wood remained natural and real promotteurs were never welcome ... 
Winter sports, windsurfing and kitesurfing are practiced today in the West of the main beach of Franceville, near the mouth of the Orne.

A rich and diverse heritage

  • The old castle from the 13th century
  • The German battery at Merville (listed monument since 2004), was conquered during the landing by Lieutenant Colonel Terence Otway and his troops. In 1976, restoration steps were taken to open a museum.
  • The redoubt of Merville, the fortification built by Vauban in 1779, was used by the French army and then by customs and by the German army during the occupation.
  • The Saint-Germain 12th and 19th centuries.
  • The prewar villas

Cider and dragon festival

Cidre et dragon festival à Merville Franceville
When Merville becomes Meravilla...

A medieval festival created in 2006, Cider and Dragon festival now hosts every year many fans of fantasy and medieval world. The resort of the Côte Fleurie becomes Meravilla festival time.  

The festival is scripted, the backdrop is the struggle between two clans, Brasiards (red) and Venguins (blue). A third clan joined them in 2012: the Misty (retro-futuristic).

The festival brings together literature, visual arts, street theater, markets and medieval camp, crafts, pageants, fantastic museum, vigil, concerts (paid), many children's activities, role play, a Viking camp is installed on the beach during all the festivities

September 16, 2016 to September 18, 2016

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