Calvados local products

Dairy products in Normandy

Le Mémorial de Caen dans le Calvados
Butter: Its use has become less common in our cooking (cholesterol hunting requires), it remains the basic ingredient of baking, the essential of our breakfast sandwiches and tartines.
Sour cream: indispensable ingredient of French gastronomy, cream, after skimming whole milk, sign including Norman cuisine that accommodates all the sauces. Generous and delicious, it is also the lightest and least of all caloric fat since it contains two to three times less fat than other fats.
Camembert: Camembert de Normandie is a cheese made from raw cow milk, slightly salty and soft bloomy rind. Camembert is a small village in Normandy where the cheese was originally made.
Livarot: the oldest Norman cheese. Livarot is a soft cheese with a washed rind, orange-colored, cylindrical. Sedges (strips of cattail stalks) were originally used to firm the cheese during ripening, they are the source of the nickname "Colonel". There are different formats: the livarot 3/4, 1/2 livarot, also called "Petit-Lisieux" and 1/4 livarot. Its period of optimal tasting lasts from May to September 

Pont L'Evèque: The cheese is pale yellow. It is creamy and slightly salty. its subtle aromas reminiscent of hazelnut and hay barn. 2,300 tons of Pont L'Eveque are marketed each year.
Other cheeses of Normandy area: Cherub, Bondard, bung, boils, Boursin, Brillat-Savarin, brick Lisieux, square Bray, fresh square Cormeillais, coutances, salted, turn of the century, curd cheese costs of Channel gournay, Graindorge refined calvados, Graval the Pavé du Plessis, the tailgates, maromme, montcarré, Neufchatel, our Lady of Carentan our Lady of Grace, paved Auge, small Switzerland hatch Bricquebec.

Normandy charcuterie

The pig Bayeux: Each fall, the town of Bayeux organized the Festival greedy pig of Bayeux organized by the Union and the Greedy Pig Brotherhood of Bayeux. These festivities, proof of attachment between this race and the Norman terroir from which it came, was the opportunity to see stand interregional contest pig of Bayeux.

The andouille de Vire: The Vire andouille is a sausage made of pork chitterlings are cut into strips before being embossed in a part of the large intestine. His craftsmanship has changed little since the 18th century. At least 50% of chitterlings are components of Andouille Vire higher, mainly composed of the digestive system of pork, smoked over beechwood

The tripe Caen: the tripe of Caen is a Norman culinary preparation made with four stomachs (rumen, slip, bonnetet curd) beef.The origin of the tripe back to the Middle Ages where they already were filling William the Conqueror who reveled in by accompanying a Neustrie apple juice. 
The guts are prepared in a clay container designed for this use, "tripière" whose cover is luted during the long cooking. There is a brotherhood dedicated to tasting and promotion of tripe Caen: "Grand Order of the Golden Tripière".

Other charcuterie Normandy: Andouillette Alencon, pudding with cream and calvados of Saint-Romain, white pudding from Essay, Mortagne black pudding, black pudding Coutances, sausage L'Aigle, Valognes ham, ham Cotentin, rabbit in Le Havre, tooth Neuburg, Evreux goose rillettes. 


Le Mémorial de Caen dans le Calvados
Normandy is the first producing region of oysters, mussels and St. Jacques shells of France
The oysters of Isigny-sur-Mer, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, Denville.
St. Jacques shell of Grandcamp-Maisy
Molds Barfleur
Brown shrimp
the sole
the mullet
Les Demoiselles de Cherbourg (lobsters)
Whelks Granvi

Normandy cider and spirits

Le Mémorial de Caen dans le Calvados
The Cider
the pommeau
The Poiré
The "trou normand"

The main traditional Normandy recipes

the teurgoule
The tripes à la mode de Caen
Cider rabbit
The veal escalope in Norman
Mère Poulard omelette
Chicken Auge Valley Tradition
Hen white
Mussels with cream
Scalloped potatoes

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