Dives sur mer, between land and sea

A village with a rich history

Place de Dives sur mer

Dives sur mer does not have the popularity of Cabourg, yet the village has a few old historical wonders over 600 years:

  • The halls of Dives and impressive structure hosting the market every Saturday morning. You will find local produce, and enjoy a warm, authentic atmosphere that characterizes the city.
  • Manor Wood Hibout is a beautiful building made of Caen stone, built in the 17th century by Leduc de la Falaise, Louis XIV's valet.
  • The Village Art Guillaume le conquérant. An old inn renovated by an amateur art collector. Tudor, wood carvings, stone carvings from the 17th and 18th, some from churches and manor houses in the village of art region.The recalls the epic of Guillaume le conquérant.
  • . The church Dives From the Roman Gothique. Quelques parts of the church date from the 11th century: the four pillars of the choir, an arcade and a vault. The church was enlarged in the 14th century in the Gothic style windows rayonnant.Les Angels Musicians and some large glass elements date from this time. The church contains a list of companions of Guillaume le conquérant.

The historic event marking: 
It is from Dives Guillaume le conquérant set sail, with its fleet of 700 to 1,000 ships and 8,000 fighters to conquer England, en1066. A plaque with the names of Guillaume le conquérant's companions affixed to the inside of the church, above its entrance doors.

Port Guillaume (Dives-Cabourg-Houlgate)

The recreational pool has a capacity of 600 places on pontoons and catwalks. 
A mooring area is organized with a shuttle service. 

In 1986 Tréfimétaux closed the factory. French industrial company metallurgy was the economic lung of Dives. Elected officials and the city of Dives sur mer then bounced (brilliantly) the face of adversity, launching the project to build a marina on the plant site, to sweep the past and revive activity economic. Born in 1991, Port Guillaume.

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