Deauville, the starlet of Normandie coast

Deauville, 21 th arrondissement of Paris ...

Vierville sur mer dans le Calvados en Normandie
Located less than 2 hours from the capital, Deauville is the appointment of all Parisians lack of sea breeze. We just lounge around for an afternoon or a weekend, just to get away from stress and the Paris polution. 
It is internationally famous for its "planches", casino, racetrack and film festivals (the festival devoted to American cinema in September, since the Asian film festival in April, since 1999). 
Its upscale and fashionable side is not to displease some. Others will simply natural charm of the beach and the main attractions:The villa charm
  • The "Bains Pompeian" boards
  • the Casino
  • The palaces and the Royal Normandy
  • Place Morny and its market
  • The "Arcades" of General de Gaulle Avenue
  • Olympic pool

sports and entertainment in Deauville

  • Equestrian: Great Price on famous La Touques Racecourse and of Clairefontaine in Tourgéville.
  • Polo: organizing the "Deauville Polo Cup" every year. 
  • Golf: Golf Barrière de Deauville (or New Golf Club) Golf Barriere in Saint-Arnoult, golf Admiralty Tourgeville. 
  • Tennis: Tennis Club, on the waterfront 
  • Sailing: The old port and Port-Deauville 
  • Nautical center on the beach.

 Thalasso and spa in Calvados

Festival de photographie planche(s) contact à Deauville
Come and relax in the quiet 5 centers of Thalassotherapy of Calvados. In Deauville, Trouville, Cabourg, Ouistreham or Luc sur mer. Relaxation and well being are in the program, with sea views. Facial care, body treatments, Hammam and Japanese baths are available. Weekdays or at weekends.

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