Arromanches les bains

Arromanches, the historic site of the D-DAY

Falaises d'Arromanches les bains
Arromanches remained famous as one of the major historic sites of the Normandy landings including the artificial harbor that was installed there. This port allowed to disembark 9000 tons of material per day. 

It's on the beach at Arromanches, immediately after landing the Allies established the Mulberry artificial harbor, a temporary port to allow the landing of heavy equipment, without waiting for the conquest of the ports of Le Havre or Cherbourg.To allow the installation of a port and its operation, Arromanches has suffered very little damage and was preserved before landing. 

The British built the floating reinforced concrete caissons, called "Phoenix" which after being towed across the Channel were assembled by casting through valves to form the docks and piers forming a breakwater, floating pontoons that followed the and tides were grounded. Today, some "Phoenix" boxes are still visible. 
Some figures: June 12, 1944, more than 300 000 men, 54 000 vehicles, 104,000 tons of supplies had been landed. During the hundred days of activity, were landed 2.5 million men, 500,000 vehicles, 4 million tons of material. The best performance of the port is in the last week of July 1944pendant which traffic Arromanches exceeded 136 000 tonnes, 20 000 tonnes per day.

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